I Love These Days

I love the days that we get together to make Artist Trading Cards.

All my worries and cares just seem to disappear. Everything is fine, at least for the couple hours or so that we are together creating art.

Today was no exception. It was a smaller group this afternoon.

Even so we were very productive. We will be touching many lives with the 90 plus “Cranes of Hope” cards we made. Made with Hope, made with Faith and made with much Love. What a wonderful feeling it is, to give back.



Many Hands Make Light Work

Yesterday a group of us gathered together in the community room at Lund’s in Edina, MN to make Crane cards. The time was from 11:00am to 4:00pm and people could come and go as they needed. We had a total of 16 people participate and we made over 300 cards. The cards will be donated to various clinics associated with Allina at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis,MN.
I had a wonderful time and I’m so grateful to everyone that showed up. We even had some guests come from out of town (Cleveland, Ohio). The days that we have gatherings are always good days filled with Good times, good friends and good works. “Many hands make light work”. Hugs to all!

Photos to be posted later.


Nature Printing Gone Wild

At our gathering in August we had a wonderful guest artist (Sue Filbin) come in and show us how to make nature prints.  The group got so involved that we ran out of time to work on the actual Crane cards.  The creative juices were definitely flowing.  Sue is a great teacher and I have a lot of respect for her and her talents.  How she prints those tiny delicate works of nature so beautifully is beyond me.  I ended up having ink all over my fingers, it was just like being a kid again and extremely fun to do.


Getting Messy

Last Thursday we had another gathering for the Cranes of Hope project. Sandy Muzzy was our guest artist and she taught us how to make Paste Paper. It was a fun and messy time, kind of like finger painting. It took a little longer then we had anticipated for our creations to dry. So, we had to leave them over night. Next time we will use our creations to make backgrounds for our cards.



Beading Embellishments

Last Thursday, May 22nd. We had our forth gathering. It was a small group this time, unfortunately several could not make it due to health issues and prior commitments. We had fiber artist Sandra Brick come in and teach us some fairly easy and fun techniques for beading edges on felt circles. Everyone really enjoyed it, we used the whole two hours learning and beading. Some Crane ATC’s were made too, incorporating the bead work (see photos). Since the beginning of 2014 we have now made over 1,000 Crane ATC’s and are well into the second series of another 1,000. The legend is if you fold a thousand origami cranes, you get a wish come true.