Thoughts about getting messy

This process had me thinking about when I was a kid. Getting messy was fun and I would jump right in and create. But as an adult I’m a lot more hesitant to get down and dirty. What happened to that curiosity and enthusiasm to try new things and not worry about how it turns out? Why are we so critical and hard on ourselves? My cancer journey has been very eye opening, educational, and life changing for me. It has not been easy and I don’t think it really ever ends. I have a quote on my iPad that reminds me of how I want to live my life, “The time is now. Be fearless. Find your voice. Take chances. Make a difference.” Before cancer somewhere down the road I lost myself, I lost my voice, I stuffed my emotions and feelings, I abandoned me. Art has allowed me to try new things, it has brought me to a community of others who I truly cherish their friendships and support. It feels so good to be touching and encouraging others. To give back, to be a blessing.


Nature Printing Gone Wild

At our gathering in August we had a wonderful guest artist (Sue Filbin) come in and show us how to make nature prints.  The group got so involved that we ran out of time to work on the actual Crane cards.  The creative juices were definitely flowing.  Sue is a great teacher and I have a lot of respect for her and her talents.  How she prints those tiny delicate works of nature so beautifully is beyond me.  I ended up having ink all over my fingers, it was just like being a kid again and extremely fun to do.