Beading Embellishments

Last Thursday, May 22nd. We had our forth gathering. It was a small group this time, unfortunately several could not make it due to health issues and prior commitments. We had fiber artist Sandra Brick come in and teach us some fairly easy and fun techniques for beading edges on felt circles. Everyone really enjoyed it, we used the whole two hours learning and beading. Some Crane ATC’s were made too, incorporating the bead work (see photos). Since the beginning of 2014 we have now made over 1,000 Crane ATC’s and are well into the second series of another 1,000. The legend is if you fold a thousand origami cranes, you get a wish come true.




1 thought on “Beading Embellishments”

  1. Hello, I received a Crane Artist Trading Card while at the Penny George Institute for Health and Healing for an acupuncture appointment. What a lovely surprise! I am very touched by your group’s undertaking. Thank you for all of your efforts. I chose 628/1000 created by Kate. It is lovely, and I treasure it. I am very familiar with the book: Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes. I have also traveled to Hiroshima, Japan and visited the Peace Park with millions of paper cranes. Twice my sons have folded a thousand cranes for two very special people in their lives who were very sick. I sincerely applaud your work. Thank you, Linda


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