Cranes of Hope is a group of cancer survivors, champions and caregivers who get together once a month to make Artist Trading Cards for fighting warriors battling cancer in need of a little hope and inspiration.

Jeanne Reeve is a Breast Cancer Survivor.  

While in a battle for her life she learned about a project called ‘A Thousand Cranes for Hope and Healing’ where strands of 100 origami cranes were created and sent to people going through challenging times. During this time, she also read of a tradition that promises if you fold a thousand cranes a wish will come true.

Jeanne folded one thousand origami cranes.

Her desire was to inspire and touch as many people as she could. Instead of sending ten strands of 100 cranes to ten people, Jeanne wanted to send 1,000 cranes to 1,000 people.  Jeanne decided the best way to do this was to use her creative talent and create artist trading cards (ATC’s) and include one of her folded origami cranes in the design.

Cranes of Hope was born.

Each card is created by many different techniques which can include acrylic paints, watercolors, scrapbooking, collage, stamping, alcohol markers, die-cutting, embossing, colored pencil, paper marbling and so many more.

Each card has an origami crane which is a symbol of long life, hope, healing and peace.  Also included is a word or phrase of inspiration along with a decorated background making the piece an original work of mini art.

The finished pieces go through a quality process to ensure each card includes an Origami Crane, words of hope in inspiration and a signature from the artist who lovingly creates it for the patients in need. Each card is labeled, signed, numbered and bagged with care and consideration.

Throughout the process Jeanne has found that this has “been very healing, therapeutic and a wonderful way to give back and share a little hope and inspiration to other cancer patients.”

Cranes of Hope has inspired over 50,000 people and is still growing. 

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Where do you send your ATC’s to? My daughter and I would like to start making ATC’s and mailing them to cancer patients/hospital but I have had no luck finding an address of a place that would take them.


  2. I am a breast cancer survivor. I just went for my 1 year check up at Fairview Ridges on 10/25/17. In the lobby I found Cranes of Hope in a basket. I had fun looking at them and seeing all the different colors and themes and then learning more about what they are. I took a crane created by Barb. It is now on my dashboard in my car. I love these! Thank you so much!


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It’s wonderful!

~Mary Lombardi

It’s Wonderful!

I’m so glad I found Cranes of Hope.  Thank you!

~Annette Ortt

Thank you!